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Graphic designs

August 11, 2011

I can’t stop looking for more celebrity photos… I guess it has become an addiction to me now! I promised to post more photos of Jena Malone, and a quick Google search resulted in numerous great pics. However, today I decided to publish only one of them. I really like the idea of this dress. Instead of ruffles or bows (which by the way are a great choice for us flat-chested women!), this dress rocks with a graphic print in the front. It draws the attention to the breast area, doesn’t cover anything, and still creates an effect:

Photo from:

I was also reunited with one of my earlier favorites, Erin O’Connor. She has a graphic effect, too. I think the triangles are a great idea, they create an illusion of breasts where there are none. How do you like it?

Photo from:’Connor

I’m definitely planning to keep following these two stars’ fashion! If you guys have any more ideas about inspiring flat-chested celebrities, let me know!


A Flair with Selma Blair

August 3, 2011

I just came across an actress with small breasts that I have completely neglected in my earlier posts… So tonight’s special guest will be Selma Blair! She may not be flat-chested, but she doesn’t have big boobs either – and that’s why we love her!

A nice halter neck that doesn’t hide the small breasts, nor does it point them out.

Photo from:

Very interesting evening wear… I’m not sure if I could pull that off, but it sure looks great on her!

Photo from:

A slightly more traditional, yet very cool dress. I love the front finish!

Photo from:

And last but not least, my personal favorite, the casual wear (braless!):

Photo from:

Hot summer, hot bras…

August 3, 2011

In my recent posts, I’ve been writing quite a lot about bralessness. Going brafree has really hit me this summer, and I have been eager to explore my new-found freedom every time I’ve dared (my confidence varying from day to day and from situation to situation). At the same time, however, I have found some really nice new bras that I wanted to tell you guys about!

I did a little shopping on Urban Outfitters online store, and I can tell you, they have really nice stuff… If you’re looking for small bras that are sexy but not stuffed with padding, check out Urban Outfitters intimates. I bought two bras, both are feather-light, non-wired, lacy and so thin that wearing them feels like going brafree.

This is the first one, Cotton Lace Trim Soft Bra:

You can find it online here:

This bra is non-wired and made of thin cotton. The cups were very small, but since I had to order a size Medium (because of my wide  bone structure) they were hanging a bit loose on me at first. I solved the problem by adjusting the shoulder straps shorter; it made the trick and the rest of the extra fabric just layers together to the bow in the center, it doesn’t matter. However, if you are a size Small, you’ll probably have no issues.

The other bra I ordered from Urban Outfitters looks like this:

When I tried to add the link for you guys, I wasn’t able to find the item on the Urban Outfitters page anymore (I think the problem was my browser, not the online store…). You can probably find it quickly by just going to or (choose “intimates” or “underwear”, depending on which country’s page you are using).

This bra is great for us flat-chested women because the cups are not pre-formed. It’s just stretchy lace, so it will stretch itself on your boobs no matter how small they are. Yes, the nipples will show through. And yes, that’s okay. 🙂

Breast-acceptance and bralessness

July 20, 2011

Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in reading this article / blog post by Hallie Seegal. It was published online on Huffington Post today, and the author shares her story about making peace with her small breasts and ditching the bra. You can find the article here:

I’ve been thinking about the connection between accepting my flat chest and going braless. Basically, I could very well accept my breasts and still wear a bra. But somehow it has started to feel fake. Like the stuffed, ultra-padded bras started to feel fake about a year ago, when I moved over to less-padded ones. I feel like I’m on a journey that is leading me to total brafreedom – if I would stop now (at non-padded bras) I would not reach my destination.

However, I feel torn between my urge to shop for new, petite lingerie that actually fits me, and the desire to get rid of bras. The whole thing with searching for bras that fit me (online, in stores) has become kind of a hobby for me… 😀 At least for now, I will try to find balance between wearing my AA-cup bras and going braless.

I also found a very interesting discussion forum online. It’s a members-only discussion forum on the Website . I became a member a couple of weeks ago and I’m already all hooked. Normal women, in all shapes and sizes, discuss the braless lifestyle, share their experiences and ideas, and encourage others to have the courage to “hang loose”. If you are interested in starting a brafree lifestyle, I really recommend this Website, along with the forum!

Braless adventure

July 18, 2011

Dear readers,

all the women with small breasts, all the men who love women with small breasts…and everyone else who comes across this page! I haven’t written for a while again… Reason #1: I’ve been enjoying the summer and spent very little time indoors in front of the computer, Reason #2: I lost my blog admin password and had to reset my account.. 🙂

Well, now I’m back again and I have some news! I’ll probably write more about bras and fashion some other time – this blog entry will be about the opposite: going braless. I actually have gone out braless for a couple of times now! The first time was kind of a spur of the moment; as so many other good things in life, it happened unexpected – I didn’t plan to do it, it just happened. I was at the gym, and decided to blow-dry my hair in the ladies’ dressing room without a bra, just wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt. This was already kind of a big step for me. (My breast issues are not limited to encounters with the opposite sex – I also stress about other women seeing my real size.) When I was done with the blow dryer and nothing bad had happened yet, I got an idea – why not go all the way home without a bra! My heart started beating a little quicker, I took a couple of deep breaths, and did it. No drama, no champagne bottles poppin’… I just walked home, wearing a relatively tight-fitting top, with nothing under. It was a weird, scary, exhilarating, nervous, erotic, liberating and great experience.

Ever since, I have gone out to run little errands braless. When I do it, I usually wear a top or a camisole underneath the shirt to avoid any views from the cleavage. I have all these new sensations I have never felt before: the evening breeze that blows through my shirt on my breasts, the slight jiggly feeling when I run up or down the stairs (okay, I can’t really say anything jiggles…it’s more like a relaxed feeling of my whole body moving freely)… It still feels weird and a little scary, but before all, great.



New celeb photos

June 27, 2011

It’s been a while since I posted pictures of flat-chested/small-breasted celebrities. One of my readers suggested that we AAA-cup women get inspired by super models. Even though I don’t want to advocate the super skinny body type of the models, I do have to admit there are a lot of good-looking and brave flat chested women on the catwalks. As I have told you before, I’m not a skinny girl, and can thus not really identify myself with the following beauties. But they all have small breasts, and that’s the important thing for now. 🙂

Mini Anden (she has also been in the Victoria’s Secret catalog many times!)

Image from:

Gemma Ward (note: she’s also braless – if I had the courage to wear that dress…!!)

Image from:

Anne-Marie Van Dijk (don’t you love that dress?!)… Sorry about the image quality!

Image from:

In addition to supermodels, I found a couple of other inspiring women with small breasts. I love the outfit of the Chinese actress Zhang JingZhu. The ruffles on the dress and the ample necklaces distract the eye, so nobody could even tell she has small breasts!

Image from:

Another pretty Asian actress, Natalie Tong Si Wing from Hong Kong, also caught my attention. Look at this dress; she made no effort to make her breasts appear bigger (however, not the slight push up effect)…it still looks fabulous! (Sorry about the grey area below the picture…I couldn’t figure out how to crop it!)

Image from:

I think I should start looking for more pictures of international stars and celebrities. The fixation with big breasts seems to be a predominantly American/Western issue, and I believe there are plenty of wonderful, flat chested beauties all around the world. I’m happy to receive ideas on whom to search for!

An experiment and a smile

June 18, 2011

No, I did not go out brafree. But I took yet another step to that direction yesterday. I chose to wear an ultra-thin lace triangle bra – completely unpadded, without an underwire!! It’s basically just a decorative piece of lace, but very comfortable since it is light like a feather. On top of the “bra” I was wearing a camisole and a grey cotton cardigan. Just to feel safer, I also grabbed a light jacket on top of my outfit. I was more or less flat, and I could feel my nipples touching the cardigan when I stepped out to the cool evening air.

I went for grocery shopping, to a store I usually don’t visit, just to avoid awkward encounters with people I know. (I’m really making a big deal out of it, I know!) I have to admit I kept that jacket on until I got back home. But I did open it and it kind of “flashed” the flat front of the cardigan when I was grabbing for stuff to buy and moved around in the store. A guy, another customer, looked at me for a really long time. First I was sure it’s all in my head, and I imagine people staring at me just because I’m not wearing my usual padded bra. But then it got so obvious it could no way just be me and my imagination playing tricks on me. He was staring at me and smiling. I tried to resist the urge to look down and check if my nipples were showing through the cardigan. I didn’t, and I still have no idea whether his flirty smile was because of my breast(lessnes)s or despite it. I felt awkward of the sudden attention, given by a stranger in such a vulnerable state of mind. I hurried out of the store and got back home. But I made it!!