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Miss Sweet:

A sweet girl in her 20’s looking for love… I’m trying to learn to accept my breasts the way they are (that is, very very small) – maybe one day someone else could accept them, too. This blog is about my journey towards loving my boobs!

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  1. August 30, 2010 4:56 PM

    Wear your perfect sized breasts proudly! Here’s a great benefit: they won’t cause you any back problems. I bet their also a very sensitive and erotic area for you.

  2. Ray permalink
    September 27, 2010 5:45 AM

    You might be shocked at how many guys actually like smaller breasts. Here is something I bet you haven’t thought about: big boobs are such a “guy thing” that many guys who like them small will keep it a secret! One such example, me. I cannot explain it, I don’t know why, but I have always preferred smaller busts, even no bust is fine. But I have never told a single soul this in person. In fact, this is the first time I have even written about it.

    So…just think about how goofy the situation is. Many small breasted girls stuff their bras, and many of the guys who like them small don’t reveal it too easily. That can make it hard for such a guy to find such a girl.

    That is why you should feel ok with your chest, and not be afraid to go braless and show the world. Going out with nothing to hide is really the best way to find a man who will accept and love you for just who you are. Also, you have to be confident in who you are. The women you have shown in your blogs all have two things in common: Their chests, and their confidence. The flaunt their bodies. They look great because, well, they look great, but also because they know it. You can see it in their eyes.

    So just be yourself, and pay no attention to the idiots who belittle your chest. Just think, someone is going to date that idiot, and find out the type of person he is the hard way. At least you don’t have to worry about that. I believe that if a guy goes out with you knowing what you have from the start, he will appreciate you more than you’ve ever been before.

    So yes, there are guys out there who really are looking for you. But hiding your chest makes it hard for them to find you!

    • Kristine permalink
      November 4, 2010 6:33 PM

      I think guys like you need to speak up more. Why is it so difficult to tell your friends, “I don’t like big breasts, I actually like them small.” I understand it’s a “guy” thing, you don’t want your friends to think you’re abnormal and tease you for going against the norm. But seriously, it’s easier for you to make rude comments to the woman with big breasts walking by than it is to admit you like small breasts? It’s easier for you to get together with your friends and make fun of the woman with small breasts and make her feel like crap about herself because of her small breasts, than it is to admit you actually like her small breasts? That’s pretty sad. I understand the whole ‘male bonding’ thing and having to agree with your friends, but it’s very sad. I read on an article about if breast size really matters, and they said it matters to guys when they’re around their friends. When they’re around their friends, it’s the big breasts that count. But when they’re with their girlfriends alone, they don’t care if her breasts are small.

      It’s good to know that there are guys who prefer small breasts, but you only have yourself to blame when you can’t find us when you’re talking crap about us with your friends when we walk by to show what a “man” you are. If you want women with small breasts to stop hiding behind implants and padded bras and so forth, you need to show your masculinity and stick up to your friends and go against the norm. It’s that type of guy that makes us feel like crap. It’s kind of hard to “just be confident” with our small breasts if not many guys are have the guts to talk about how wonderful we are, isn’t it?

      • July 19, 2011 5:30 AM

        “I think guys like you need to speak up more.”

        I think women need to stop pretending to be more than they are…

        “Why is it so difficult to tell your friends, “I don’t like big breasts, I actually like them small.””

        Why is it so difficult to tell YOURSELF, that you don’t need to stuff gel and padding in your bras, or to have foreign materials surgically implanted in your body?

        I’ve never had a problem dating smaller women, nor telling any one of my friends my preferences. I’ve been an athlete most of my life and have dated several models or girls with bodies like models. Never been any issue for me. What *IS* an issue, is girls with no confidence. The funny thing about models is that they spend SO much time bra-less, and often just in their panties, they get desensitized to it. They are undressing in a room full of of other A-cup, AA-Cup, or maybe small B cup women. What seems so out of place for you guys is absolutely normal in their world. And their bodies are absolutely celebrated. Celebrated world wide.

        Pretending to have larger breasts than you do FORCES you into a position of no confidence. You are exclaiming to the world that you have no confidence in your shape. How do you expect ANY man to find that attractive? Many men prefer larger breasts. Some do not. But I know of no men who want to date a woman who doesn’t even like herself.

      • Kristine permalink
        August 5, 2011 4:01 AM

        All the things you mentioned may actually happen when guys like Ray aren’t afraid to speak up more. We may get more self confidence and not feel like we need to get implants or wear gel pads when we’re given a reason not to. When we’re not verbally abused by guys who are afraid to tell women they like small breasts. Having confidence isn’t going to stop the way we’re treated by other people, is it?

  3. March 3, 2011 7:30 PM

    If I could introduce you to a client of ours, you will find some really cute styles!!

  4. Peachy permalink
    August 12, 2011 3:10 PM

    I have had small breasts all my life. I’m really fine with it, I actually love my boobs a lot. Recently though I lost some weight, and my breasts got even smaller. I started to research products that claimed to “enhance” breast size. Most products seemed pretty sleazy, and that’s not what I wanted at all. I’m also really into natural and organic products, so I didn’t really trust any pills or creams. Then one day, I stumbled upon a total miracle product. It’s called In Love with Your Bodacious Objects, and is made by In Love with Bodycare. The company is amazing, all the products are completely natural and focus on loving your natural body. The breast cream works to naturally firm and increase your breast size, and the ingredients are really healing and beneficial to your body. I have been using the cream for a couple weeks and I can definitely see results. I don’t have DD coups or anything now, but my breasts are back to being the perfect size for me. I also feel really good knowing that I’m keeping my breasts and body healthy. This product is amazing!

  5. sans sense permalink
    August 12, 2011 6:37 PM

    nice stuff here 🙂 i am a big fan of cute small breasts and those who go braless.
    see you again, soon.

  6. September 11, 2011 7:45 AM

    i love your small breasts, sister, just on principle!

  7. December 4, 2011 6:09 AM

    Hey there.. nice blog. I am actually a blogger, and ironically, a pretty famous pornstar….with tiny tiny boobs;o)

    So, while I never really liked them, and still honestly would be so happy for one more cup size (they’re between a and almost b) I guess my fans would be disappointed if they were any bigger…I hear it all the time, not to change a thing, and how lucky the guys are to have someone like me, who’s in the “sex business” (lol because I really am not a sleaze like you’d think.. I’m purely ok with sex and not afraid to share) who never succumbed to a boob job.
    They LOVE the tiny titties. I think it reminds them of an eternal youthfulness, or maybe just not a big burden of extra flesh to deal with LOL!

    Anyway, if you want proof that yes, you can be an A and still be famous – even in the xxx world- then look me up.
    xoxo and keep those boobies perky!
    Heidi Hanson

  8. Clint permalink
    January 3, 2012 3:36 PM

    Miss Sweet, I wish you great luck on your journey to accepting your body the way it is! There’s no reason you shouldn’t. I’m a male and much prefer smaller breasts. I have never understood what the fascination with large breast is. I personally find C-cup and larger unattractive. While small C’s and larger are accepted as “Great”, and I’m happy that there are people who appreciate them and the women who have them naturally are beautiful in their own right, I can’t bring myself to be enticed by that size. On that note, padding and augmentation are a misdeed against beauty. I have known women who have had amazing bodies that ruined their natural beauty with implants. I’m a proud lover of B-cup and below, there is nothing sexier. So wear them proudly and know you and those with small beautiful breasts are greatly admired! Thanks for the site promoting acceptance and confidence of ones body, and of course the lovely photos!

  9. Cora permalink
    January 27, 2012 12:32 AM

    Hi Miss Sweet,
    I was doing some research for my client Comfortisse when I came across your blog. I found your blog to be both interesting and inspiring and love how you’re assisting women everywhere to learn to love and feel comfortable with their figures.
    I’d like to initiate a discussion on placing a link with some relevant text from your post to help your readers connect with our client who creates bras with unmatched comfort for women of all sizes.
    How can we get this process started?

    Highly Relevant, LLC

  10. Emma permalink
    February 6, 2012 10:43 AM

    I have just come across your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it! I think you are awesome and inspiring. I too have really small breasts (32aa) and I am 23. I’m still learning to accept them and I have good days where I think “I don’t give a shit, I love my body and I look great!” but then down days too when I wish they were bigger (even an ‘a’ would do!) I have considered surgery in the past but I know I would realistically never go through with it and now I have come to the point when I think why should I change, I should make the most of what I have and be grateful that I am healthy and young and just enjoy myself without worrying what people think!

    So just wanted to say thank you really, and I think you (and your small boobs) are just great xxx

  11. Leigh Williams permalink
    February 12, 2012 8:31 PM

    Hello, my name is Leigh, I’m 20 and I’m a third year fashion student currently studying a lingerie course at De Montfort University in Leicester.
    For my final year collection I am specialising in ‘small fit’ to create an intimate apparel range for the smaller figure type (as I myself am small fit – I’m a 26D, but don’t let the ‘D’ fool you, I’m virtually flat chested).
    I’ve noticed there is a huge gap in the lingerie market for women like us and I intend to produce a range for 26-32 band sizes and AAA-D cup sizes.
    As part of my research I am conducting a survey to identify the areas ‘small fit’ wearers are experiencing problems with in terms of lingerie. I was hoping you’d be able to help me out? You clearly fit my target market and when I discovered your blog I thought it would be a brilliant place to post my survey – if you wouldn’t mind of course!
    I figured it would be a great place for other small fit women to see it and help me to get some really helpful feed back!
    I’d really appreciate it if you could get back to me soon about this. My survey should be complete in the next few days.
    My email address is

    Thank you :3 xx

  12. Kristine permalink
    March 19, 2012 9:09 PM

    Miss Sweet hasn’t logged on in awhile. I hope she didn’t get implants!

  13. Kris permalink
    March 28, 2012 1:46 AM

    I personally did not have a problem with my AA’s until this year in college, and I’ve been this size all my life. I lost over 20 pounds for a guy and my AA’s became AAA’s. I’ve always worn bigger bras or padded bras and didn’t care. Then I posted a picture on fb of myself and seriously, when I posted it, I was like, “Oh, I look a little flat,” but to others, I became known as “man chest” or having the “smallest boobs in the world.” It really hurt, how I got verbally harassed like that for having AA’s.

    But I’m never getting implants. Maybe in the future when I have money (lots of it) for a stem cell breast augmentation (basically transferring your own body fat to the breasts, then wearing a breast-suctioning device called Brava), I’ll do that.

    At the moment, I am working with Noogleberry. If you go on the website and look at the forums, you’d be so surprised how much people can grow with a manual breast-pumping device! I got one a few weeks ago and my breasts are fuller. Some people have gone from AA to B’s to C’s in a couple of years. I personally am shooting for a 34A because yes, I want something to hold up my strapless dresses but then I don’t want big boobs. And to me, a B is big.

  14. Emily permalink
    April 16, 2012 10:58 PM

    Well, in my case it’s hard because I don’t have boobs at all 😦
    I seriuously think that I’m the only woman on earth who don’t have anything at all 😦

    I’m 27 and I’ve never bought a bra… In fact, what I do is wearing black shirts with a black sweater, all the time, to try to hide my flat chest because I hate how I look….

    Well, I just feel extremely depressed all the time. I’m always looking for information on the internet because I don’t know anyone in my country as flat as I am…

    I’ve been thinking about having surgery because I don’t look like a grown up woman, I look like a 9 year-old girl 😦

    I’ve never had a boyfriend, probably some guys like women with small breasts, but not a “woman” without anything… just bones (I’m also skinny)…

    • Andrew permalink
      June 30, 2012 5:34 AM

      I’m sorry to hear that this is making you depressed. You might think that guys don’t like small or flat chested women, but it’s not true. Many guys are turned on by that. How much of a woman you are is not determined by your bra size.

      It’s going to be difficult for a guy to find you attractive if you don’t like yourself. That’s the main thing. Please don’t worry about the size of your boobs. In the end it doesn’t matter. So cheer up and think about the sexy woman you really are! Guys will notice you if you are friendly and confident. I’ve found that success with anything mostly depends on attitude. If a guy doesn’t like you because you’ve got small breasts then he is not worth wasting time on. Love happens when you least expect it, but you need to be open to the possibility!

    • July 14, 2012 1:11 PM

      The reason for your lack of love and/or boyfriend experience might well be that you have been so hard to get close to that those who would have liked to, might have given up. (Could that be?)

      But if someone does get you to lower your guard and not want to hide or run away, your breasts could be the most fulfilling ever.

      No girls themselves really understand what are the nice things about their breasts – but the guys who are in love you, do: all the expressions of your womanliness as well as your personality. Can you imagine someone who sees all that in yours, how absolutely crazily divine it would seem to him that you have all that in your almost-not-there little beauties? That will make them almost more “there”.

      I think you are of course not quite honest in wanting to hide – you do want to be unwrapped and liked like every other woman (I mean not by everybody, but at the right time and by the right person of course). Maybe you just always panicked, or were afraid to be a disappointment or whatever you were exactly feeling.

      If you could somehow ease that panic a little, then at 27 the guys have also because more like men than when you were teens. Maybe someone will be able to finally persuade you to let go, and have the courage to try even if you do need a lot of extra courtship.

      Then I think it could be extra wonderful for such a guy to be with you.

      It could happen, of course, that someone would think it strange that you have such small breasts, for example if he is only with you to console himself because he is still thinking about his ex who dumped him, and she had large breasts … or something like that. But that would be a poor relationship, anyway.

      If he specifically is nuts about you, I’m sure he will find your micro breasts something that makes you semi-divine, and will love to feel you wiggle for joy when you realize that.

      You could still end up on the very beautiful side of this. Maybe it could be just a little click that changes everything. I think you will bear being liked and admired absolutely beautifully, and it will give you so much confidence that it would even sound silly to call it “self-confidence” – just the great, pure, lovely confidence in life.

      I hope you have some really warm and nice expreiences with it all soon – you are not a freak or anything, just very special. And please don’t think too hard about implants – you know it would look absurd on you, and it would feel like a permanent admission of defeat.

      You underestimate how much a man can like you, and how much it could turn your self-perception around. And with your love flowing, whose breasts do you think will overflow with it first: the girl with large breasts that have to fill up first, or yours that can hardly contain it and flows over immediately?

      I don’t know if that was an understandable explanation of the beauty of a woman’s breasts when you get close to her … but if it is, then you can better understand why breasts like yours can even be considered more attractive than the average ones.

      It is so nice, and I really hope you get to feel that way :o)

  15. Jack permalink
    April 17, 2012 10:22 PM

    I’d like women reading this blog to realize something: LOTS of guys thing small breasts/being flatchested is attractive. It’s not that we’re seeking anything in the perverse/pedophile realm, just that angular can be really, really attractive. Eventually, I’m fairly confident, any woman with small boobs who is confident about herself will find a partner who cherishes her body!

  16. July 14, 2012 3:31 PM

    Hi Sweet

    Funny! I might seem like some self-obsession to do a blog about your feelings for your own breasts 😉 But actually, it comes through as great poetry almost – and of course, those feelings are very real and important.

    Very nice initiative! I can see it’s been a while since you last wrote something – hope that means that you are fine about it all :o)

  17. Tiffany permalink
    October 29, 2012 11:24 PM

    I think Miss Sweet may have bit the bullet and gotten a boob job. Oh well, if it makes her happy. Just speculation, of course.

  18. November 1, 2012 12:37 AM

    Nah, Tiffany … that would be such a sad defeat after she made all this beautiful effort.

    Let’s just hope she is busy with something else, and doesn’t have time to write about her breasts all the time ;o)

  19. November 29, 2012 2:32 PM

    What a fab site, small boobs are great! I actually run an online company selling nursing bras for smaller busted women (A and B cup) after struggling to find any myself when I was pregnant. Is there any chance I could do a guest post about the company on your blog? It’s

    Ash x

  20. Lisa permalink
    March 9, 2013 2:04 AM

    Ray, that’s great. A guy who loves small breasts. However, it’s only your fault and the men like you when women don’t like our breast size. It’s the fault of guys like you when we get implants. Men who prefer big breasts aren’t shy about admitting it. They make it very well known. So maybe you and other guys like you should open your mouths more about your preferences. Maybe the tides will turn if you do.

  21. July 23, 2013 5:46 PM

    I was so overwhelmed and grateful to find your blog, but then the sad realization that no entries have been made for a couple years. 😦 If you have decided to ‘retire’ your blog, maybe point us tiny girls to other resources you found? You cannot imagine the relief I started feeling as I read each of your entries. Such an inspiration!

  22. Shelly permalink
    September 17, 2013 1:34 AM

    PF’s comment is quite typical of today’s society. Women are constantly bombarded with images on tv, magazines, and movies telling us that we have to have big breasts. We’re constantly getting criticized by both the men and women in our lives about not having big breasts. We get criticized by family members for not having big breasts. Our boyfriends/husbands are constantly making comments about women with big breasts, ogling women with big breasts. We hear the insults and jokes at our expense. It’s perfectly acceptable for men to buy into the images the we also see on a daily basis. It’s acceptable for men to discriminate against small breasted women. But women are supposed to still pull all this self confidence out of our ass and “just” accept ourselves and “be happy” with what we have.

    “Why is it so difficult to tell YOURSELF, that you don’t need to stuff gel and padding in your bras, or to have foreign materials surgically implanted in your body?”

    Of course, this question coming from a man.

    So very typical.

  23. September 18, 2013 12:48 PM

    Shelly, no matter how and who you are, there will always be some who will try to say something stupid. And they see it affects you, they will go on, because then they think they have some power over you. And they like that, because they have perhaps been the underdog in some other situations, or are afraid to be that.

    So one thing is, hide it if you do get affected. Or give them the evil eye or something. Don’t just take it. Then they will stop.

    And also, perhaps you are being just a liiiitle bit to sensitive, if you get offended even if some guy is trying his best to cheer you up, telling you you don’t need any padding or fakes?

    I mean, I wouldn’t have written like PF, but I do wish you to be comfortable about you breasts – and preferably proud even, because a woman’s breasts are so nice.

    It is much easier to criticize you women than to compliment you … so you must also try to make it a bit less easy to criticize you (by ignoring it or fighting back, whatever your type is), and make it a little bit easier for those who want to compliment you, by being reading to accept it for what is meant by it ;o)

  24. November 20, 2013 5:19 PM

    Nice job

  25. Rob permalink
    January 12, 2014 9:32 PM

    I love women with small breasts, in fact the smaller the better!

  26. Jeff Goldbloom permalink
    July 23, 2014 6:59 PM

    I am a guy that loves women with all shapes, sizes, colors of women’s breasts. Size has never mattered to me (ok, guys, we expect women to feel size doesn’t matter- we need to feel the same way). I’ve been with women with tiny breasts, women with large breasts, and in between. At the end of the day, it’s about confidence, self esteem, and inner beauty. I am a fan of women that have the guts to put it out there and say “love it or not, here I am”. Well done ladies, well done!

  27. October 17, 2014 8:22 PM

    On breasts, the best view I enjoy is looking into a sweet girl’s eyes from below.
    As I eat her sweet “innocent” pussy, I look into her eyes, which I see peering between those impressive breasts which I’ve squeezed and groped as I make love to her sweet pussy, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

    She’s Christian girl and is a bit conflicted about making love before marriage, but has no problem with me kissing her pussy and her reciprocating by going down on my cock until I cum in her mouth.

    I dine on her sweet “innocent” pussy for about 10-20 mins, giving her all these new sensations.
    I love to look-up into her eyes & see the joy she’s experiencing & am certain her pussy will soon be all mine…

    As I move my lips to her’s, she knows I intend to kiss her passionately.
    Though she may not know what I have up my sleeve, she has no intention of stopping me as I slowly slide my hungry penis deep into her good girl pussy…

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