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Breast-acceptance and bralessness

July 20, 2011

Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in reading this article / blog post by Hallie Seegal. It was published online on Huffington Post today, and the author shares her story about making peace with her small breasts and ditching the bra. You can find the article here:

I’ve been thinking about the connection between accepting my flat chest and going braless. Basically, I could very well accept my breasts and still wear a bra. But somehow it has started to feel fake. Like the stuffed, ultra-padded bras started to feel fake about a year ago, when I moved over to less-padded ones. I feel like I’m on a journey that is leading me to total brafreedom – if I would stop now (at non-padded bras) I would not reach my destination.

However, I feel torn between my urge to shop for new, petite lingerie that actually fits me, and the desire to get rid of bras. The whole thing with searching for bras that fit me (online, in stores) has become kind of a hobby for me… 😀 At least for now, I will try to find balance between wearing my AA-cup bras and going braless.

I also found a very interesting discussion forum online. It’s a members-only discussion forum on the Website . I became a member a couple of weeks ago and I’m already all hooked. Normal women, in all shapes and sizes, discuss the braless lifestyle, share their experiences and ideas, and encourage others to have the courage to “hang loose”. If you are interested in starting a brafree lifestyle, I really recommend this Website, along with the forum!

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  1. Cate permalink
    July 20, 2011 9:11 PM

    Peace with one’s small boobs.
    Miss Sweet
    I think that I have reached that point in life where I am at peace with my small (non-existant) boobies. I am like you describe yourself with a little flesh with a nipple on top. I used to pad a lot and awful lot including even using prostheses. About three years ago I like you ditched the padded bras. But what does one do, being an AA is hard enough but when you are smaller I thought you are just out of luck. My mom, who was shopping with me one day, suggested the girl’s bras, I kind of winced but figured what the heck, nothing gained, nothing lost so lets look. Although none are “sexy” and that is a good thing, they are generally very nice basic bras, some underwire, some not usually with formed cups, very shallow and they fit far better than anything else. I use them all the time now. Sometimes I use the plain cotton ones. But I am at peace with my small boobies.

    While I never go braless, just seems to be inappropriate for my personality I do enjoy not being fake. All of that said I would love to find some lace and pretty womens bras in AAA (it used to be hard to admit that but no more, it is kind of fun). Lulau has a cute lace one in AAA but it is fifty bucks and I can buy 7 or 8 girl’s ones for that. I am expectantly waiting for your findings.
    Proud to be an AAA-.

    • July 21, 2011 5:25 PM

      My dear Miss Sweet,

      A bra serves two basic purposes. For most women, the main purpose is to hold the breasts up, keeping them comfortable, looking good, and keep them from sagging prematurely. From what you have told us, none of this is a problem for you, as your breasts hold themselves up just fine on their own.

      Second in many people’s minds, a bra is a pretty fashion accessory, to be chosen carefully for it’s beauty. Pretty lace fabrics, flattering shapes, beautiful colors, all meant to make you feel pretty, and when we catch a glimpse of the bra, to make you look pretty.

      Ok, there’s a third purpose for many women. To have a place to hold all the things you can stuff in there to try to fool people into thinking you have larger breasts. Thankfully, you have gone beyond this, and I hope that this blog will help other women to get beyond this also.

      So this leaves us with purpose number two. A pretty bra can be enhancing to your look, without needing to hold you in place, or try to make you look bigger. So look at what you are planning to wear for the day, and choose either a pretty bra to enhance that look, or let your pretty breasts enhance the look on their own. Either way, I can only hope to see you on the street some day and enjoy the new you, proud of who you are, and making the most of your own natural beauty.

      • July 21, 2011 5:34 PM

        In that last sentence above, I must emphasize the word NATURAL. Please ladies, stop with the phony boob jobs. They look terrible compared to your own natural small breasts.

  2. Cate permalink
    July 20, 2011 9:14 PM

    I must admit I have a DH who adores them, padded, unpadded, no matter what, he has been a tremendous help in my journey to loving my boobies. Amazingly he even love me padded, says it accentuates the smallness, not hides it. Great guy.

  3. Sita permalink
    July 29, 2011 4:23 AM

    Uh, gee, I wish I could sympathize, Miss Sweet, but I went bathing suit shopping today and couldn’t find anything that fit my size D breasts. Saw lots of beautiful bikini tops – colourful, cute, adorable, sexy, sweet….all made for tiny breasted women. For those with anything on top the only options were black or, um, black. Or a muu muu for those who are plus sized. When I tried on the one pieces, even the most conservative dipped down and showed my breasts – not cool when all I want is a casual swim at the pool (I don’t like being ogled by old men). I am about 40 lb overweight, but even if I lost all that plus another 10, my breasts will NEVER fit into one of those beautiful bikini tops. So please don’t be so myopic on this subject, Miss S. The truth is that ALL the fashion models and movie stars have tiny breasts and most clothes look on small breasted women. This makes anyone with extra material up top (or on the tummy) feel awful. So what are you whining about?

    I love my breasts because they are nourishing my two beautiful children, but I really find it a drag when clothes look bad because of them!

    • August 3, 2011 8:41 PM

      Dear Sita,
      I may not be able to fully relate to your problem, but I can try to understand. I guess most women struggle with some sort of a self-esteem problem at least at some point of their lives. It seems like we all have one (or more) parts in our bodies that we “love to hate”. For me, Miss Sweet, it’s small breasts – though, I’m kind of getting over it as you may see in my blog entries over time. For someone else the trouble zone might be big breasts, the belly, the back, the feet…you name it.

      I don’t want you or anyone else with big(ger) breasts to feel bad because of my blog. I only write to combat my own self-esteem issues and to maybe help others who have similar issues. You may not be able to relate to my texts because small breasts are not a problem for you, but I’m sure there are other forums where you can discuss living with big breasts with others who are the same size. However, feel free to browse my blog and give your opinions and comments as a D-girl if you want to! Women need to stick together, no matter what cup size we wear, okay?! 🙂

      • Kristine permalink
        August 8, 2011 4:50 PM

        That’s a great, classy reply, Miss Sweet!

    • August 11, 2011 12:09 PM

      swimsuits are tough for many women. the styles vary season to season, and the dominant styles each season tend to only suit one body type. i found last summer that every single swimsuit had moulded cups designed for at least a b-cup bra. i’m pale and bony so don’t feel comfortable in bikini, so that option was out. the moulded one pieces almost seemed to be mocking me as they were the only option in every store i walked into on multiple shopping trips for a month, before i finally found one that didn’t have underwire and shaping. i guess it is a bit luck of the draw in terms of what style is in when you go swimsuit shopping. but it isn’t always sunshine and roses for the flatties.

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